An end of summer crafty catch up

I have been meaning to catch up on my blog but it’s just been one thing after another.  So I thought, I would actually sit down and see what I have actually done this past while.

Summer time, brought the holidays and of course the kids were at home, but I did manage to do a few projects, that is to say in between ferrying them here and here and constantly having to feed them and stop them fighting.  Of course visitors just seem to call, whilst you are in the middle of painting too, don’t they!

My last few posts were on the big revamp of the kids playroom, really happy with how that went.  I broke it down into five parts.  Just click on the pictures below if you fancy a read.

Upcycling an old bookcase








Playroom revamp - part 2: up-cycling an old cot into a hanging rack, using some paint, paper and some hooks








Playroom revamp part 3 - upcycling an old chest box with a geometric design







Using patterned paint rollers on your walls









Playroom revamp - decor and those last minute touches that wont cost a fortune








Really pleased that Colourtrend shared my post on the bookcase on facebook, yay!

Speaking of facebook, I finally sat down one day & published The Messy Brunette there.  Not sure what to really expect from it as it’s not my favourite social media.  If you are a regular user, please come and say hi.  Speaking of social media, I am still active on Instagram and Twitter, so if you prefer these, do pop over.

We went on holidays to Wexford back in July.  I have only been there once, years ago, at a Tommy Tiernan gig but have to say, we really enjoyed our stay.  We stayed at the Talbot Hotel, which I would highly recommend.  Here’s a few pictures, we actually had great weather as well.


Quietly working away on my Etsy shop,  things were slow during the summer period but it gave me time to tidy up a few things and streamline the products, I offer.  Selling handmade is hard work and an eye opener, learning lots from my first year of selling.  I managed to design and list some pretty laser cut jewellery.  I would love to try more but for now, sticking with these pieces.

As for the embroidery, I am still working away, I just really love it! Trying out some of my own lettering and drawings, thanks to Peggy Deans books.  Have you discovered these yet? They are great for people learning to draw or just to brush up on your skills.  You can have a look at her website, for inspiration.

I have found some of the Irish themed hoops sell well abroad and I have gotten some rude requests, which I love! Here’s a few hoops I have been working on.

I have neglected my crochet a bit lately, but i am working on a shawl/scarf, using Scheejes whirl, have your tried this yarn yet? I still have the spice of life cal blanket on to go too! I really should get a move on with it though.  I  have been trying out a few pieces of jewellery combing some crochet but I’m afraid I can’t show these just yet. So here’s a picture on the shawl.



Lately I attended a workshop with Joanne of Kyle Lane, it was a follow up on her furniture techniques one.  As usual, it was a great day and I came away with a little locker.  You can find Joanne’s website here.

Now that the kids are back to school, I have been messing around with some Christmas designs, I know, I know the C word!!  I wont say much on them, but you will see in time.  Also been toying around with the idea of a newsletter, its on my list ! Is it something you have? Any tips?

That’s about it for now, till next time !



13 thoughts on “An end of summer crafty catch up

  1. fredandpepper says:

    Hi Maura!
    Lovely catching up on your blog, it’s been a while. I love the playroom, it looks amazing! I’m sure your boys are going to enjoy it. The laser cut jewellery is gorgous too, hope your shop is doing well.
    Kelly xx


    • themessybrunette says:

      Hi Kelly, thanks for popping by! How are you & all your little people 🙂 playroom I think was for me ha ha. Boys loving it & surprisingly they are keeping it some what clean !

      I love earrings so the laser jewellery helps! shop doing ok just to keep going at it #neverends!

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  2. shirleyrainbow says:

    I enjoyed your catch up! I keep meaning to do one too, blogging is taking a back seat at the mo! I found you on Facebook ( which I don’t like either!) I’ll try and keep an eye out for your posts!
    Instagram is weird for me at the moment, every time I go on the posts I see are mostly 2-3 days old! Have you had this too? 😐
    Ps your embroidery and laser cut jewellery is lurvely 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • themessybrunette says:

      Doing my best to keep the blog going but it can be so time consuming !Oh Iii go an stalk you over on fb so ha!

      Yes Instagram is being so weird at the minute, seeing some of the same posts that I already saw a few days before, then missing loads of course. My engagement has dropped too and as for the follow/unfollow people aahh!

      Ps Thanks 🙂

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  3. themessybrunette says:

    Thanks Rosina,
    Yeah not a fan either of fb, but I suppose it’s better to have something over there . They want you to pay for ads so hard to get seen. IG is going that way too are you finding engagement has dropped there?
    & thanks !


  4. Zeens and Roger says:

    A good catch up. Nice to see what you’ve been up to. I saw the link of facebook so it must work a little bit!! But yeah, fb not my fave either. I don’t know how to get seen properly but I don’t want to abandon it completely. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me!
    Loving your hoops, so pretty! 😀

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