DMC Magic Paper Kits – Have you tried it yet ?

Hello hello ! Its been a while but hey, busy busy and all that jazz!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this on my stories.  I just wanted to put it on the blog as well, as I got a lot of questions on it.  So read on !

When DMC contacted me to ask, if I would test out one of their new products ‘Magic Paper Kits’  of course I said yes !

You may have seen some of these kits floating around on social media, as various stitchers have been trying them out.  I did a live Instagram stores (my first eekk!) with the lovely Tash from HatchlingMakes trying it out and generally chatting all things stitchy with her.  Side note! please do pop over and have a look at Tash’s lovely makes, if you are a big fan of animals and geometric designs, then you will love Tash’s work.

To re-cap, this is what you will get in the kit.  I picked the floral pattern, but there are plenty of other patterns to choose from and there are cross stitch versions also.

Testing out the new DMC Magic Paper KitsThe little kit contains the pattern itself, which is printed on the magic paper, some embroidery threads and a needle, everything to get you started ! There’s a few instructions on the back but you can use whatever stitches you want.  You can find the different kits here.

Testing out the new DMC Magic Paper Kits

To begin, you just cut the pattern part you want to use, and peel off the backing paper, then stick  it on your piece of fabric.  In my case, I used my denim shirt.  I have been dying to try some stitching on an item of clothing and this was my chance.

Here’s a picture of the shirt all hooped up and ready to go.  You can see the pattern design on the paper.  Its sticks to the fabric and you just stitch through the fabric and paper.  I used a hoop on the denim, as it was a soft denim, but depending on the item of clothing you are using, you may not need a hoop.

Testing out the new DMC Magic Paper Kits

I used back stitch, stem stitch and satin stitch to fill in the flowers.  Here’s a few pictures to see the progress.


Once finished you just rinse off the paper in warm water.  Yes, the paper is water soluble and it will rinse away.  I left it in the sink for a few minutes and swirled the water around. You can see it dissolving in the next picture.

Testing out the new DMC Magic Paper Kits

Next I gave it a good rinse, to make sure all the paper was gone and then let it dry.  In my case, I left it until the next day, I then ironed the shirt, protecting my stitches and hey presto !

Testing out the new DMC Magic Paper Kits

I haven’t seen these in the shops over here just yet, but you can find them online.  I know CloudCraft are supplying them at the minute and of course try DMC

For a quick fun project, and if you want to try out some embroidery on your clothes, as it’s all over the shops at the minute, these packs are a good start.  I shall try and update with a picture of the shirt actually on me but I cant quite manage a shot on my own.

Till next time !


Please note, although DMC supplied me with this kit, all comments/opinions are my own.

Testing out the new DMC Magic Paper Kits


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