MeWell hello and welcome to The Messy Brunette blog, here you will find a bit of everything to do with stitching, upcycling, painting, crochet and even the odd bit of baking!  Hopefully I will keep you entertained, inspired and amused, whilst I try and master all things creative.

My name is Maura & I am a stay at home mom to two little smallies, we all live in an old farmhouse with crooked walls and floors, I kid you not!   This turn of events opened up my crafty side which had laid dormant whilst I slaved in the wonderful world of administration.

These days I can be found with either a paintbrush, a hook or maybe some mod podge where I try and create something.  So come on and join in!  I love all types of craft and its all experimentation and flying by the seat of my pants.  I don’t always get it right and I’m no expert but that’s the fun bit !

Here’s a few random facts about me!

  • I love dark chocolate … yum
  • My guilty tv pleasure is a bit of Neighbours & some Home and Away. I’m also a bit partial to the Real Housewives series #dontjudgeme
  • I am afraid of dogs, but I have one, and she is called Pepper. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog ….. yes I got a big one I know
  • I love Lee Childs ‘Jack Reacher’ novels
  • I like elastic pants
  • I eat a lot of cereal – rice krispies for tea please
  • Vodka and water is my tipple …. when i can manage a night out!
  • I sell on Etsy

If you want to read more, I did a blog gem interview over at Adventures and Tea Parties blog, just click here

And now for the boring bit, my disclosure policy is here if you want a read.

All of the images / works are the copyright of me, Maura at The Messy Brunette. Please do not use without seeking permission first. Thank you.


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